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Cornelius, NC

Antiquity is a nationally recognized "Smart Growth" plan consisting of a vibrant, walkable neighborhood community integrated with planned commercial and retail areas. A wooden covered bridge, only the second one in all of North Carolina, provides a warm and inviting entrance for visitors and residents alike. Its immediate proximity to the transit-rail station on Catawba Avenue makes it an especially desirable area for its residents, providing easy access to Charlotte and surrounding areas. 

Antiquity both preserves and enhances the natural and cultural resources of Cornelius and surrounding communities. Outdoor amenities include a planned 30-acre park that surrounds the village, athletic fields ready for pick-up play and a trail for both hiking and biking that connects with the trail system in neighboring Davidson. An arboretum gives residents an opportunity to memorialize special people with donated trees and plaques. A 2,500-seat amphitheater is the outdoor setting for various summer performances. Nine mini parks are tucked in and around the homes with Checkers Square as a central meeting plaza forfriends and families. Residents have use of an exclusive community pool just a short walk away from downtown Antiquity includes retail shops and outdoor dining.

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Antiquity 2 streetscape compressed.jpg
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